Our 2019 Conference — Photos and Videos

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2019 Conference. We hope you enjoy these photos – check back for more photos and videos coming soon!

You can see information about the Conference and Professionals’ Symposium here.
Some reflections on the Conference from parents and other participants:

My child was already apprehensive about not knowing anyone in the program, and then when we were registering there was only a size M shirt for him, which put him in a near meltdown… he hates big shirts because they “look like dresses” and upsets him a lot. Without missing a beat, the youth program staff jumped in and suggested that they customize his shirt together – something that piqued my child’s interest, made him feel understood, and made him want to stay. I was so grateful and moved that the staff understood the discomfort my son was feeling – that it wasn’t just a tantrum over not getting what he wanted – and quickly found alternative ways to navigate the situation.

The power of being around so many other kids like him & making new friends is beyond words. We are so grateful, we were both crying when I signed him out Sunday afternoon!

This was the first time my son met another transgender person. It was a wonderful weekend for him.

It was better than expected. I was challenged to look at my thinking about gender in ways I hadn’t expected.

Sunday night after we left the conference, my son told me at dinner that he and another boy in his group pretended to get married but he said he knows that’s not real. I said, what do you mean, of course two boys can get married. He said I know but I’m not a boy. I immediately told him of course you’re a boy, and his face lit up. I told him, I think of you as my son. He was grinning and said good because I’ve been wanting you to know I am a boy but I wasn’t sure if you did. I said well that’s good because I’ve been wanting you to know that I know you’re a boy. He was grinning and crying and hugging me. I don’t know if we would have had that exchange if it hadn’t been for attending the conference.

It’s hard to know where to begin. Our daughter started going by she/her pronouns a month ago and, though it was not a surprise, that shift was big for me (her mom) and I have been overwhelmed. This conference was recommended by a friend and was EXACTLY what I needed right now to help connect our family to other trans/nonbinary families, get more language and resources on how to talk about it, and in general build in the time and space in our busy and cis/binary-gender world to think, reflect, and process gender issues. My empathy for my daughter and all gender expansive people has increased tenfold. THANK YOU.