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Huffington Post: It Happened to Me: I Told My Boyfriend I was Born A Boy
An upbeat and fresh tale of coming to terms with coming out at its' most scary. Janet Mock tells about her early fantasies, meeting the man of her dreams and sharing the truth about her gender transition - and being loved and accepted by a partner fully for the first time in her life. 
Boston Globe: Led by the child who simply knew
Wyatt and Jonas were identical twins, except for one thing: Wyatt knew he was a girl. This in-depth story depicts a family struggling to come to terms with their child's gender non-conformity, their realization that rather than a son Wyatt they had a daughter (Nicole), and their story of choosing puberty-delaying treatment, going to court, and eventually moving in order to protect that daughter and their family's well being.
New York Times: A First in Cup Qualifying for a Player and  Team
Jonny Saelua is not only a member of the first American Samoan soccer team to win an international victory, placing them in the early stages for the World Cup, but also the first transgendered person to be in those same stages. Jonny identifies as Fa'afafine, a traditional Polynesian third-gender, defined as a male-bodied person who identifies as female and feels attracted to males - and, importantly, who identifies as Fa'afafine! The article discusses the implications for gender-acceptance, as well as the acceptance of Johnny by her teammates, and makes more clear than ever that gender is anything but binary.
Parent Power: Raising Kate
An incredibly powerful story of a mother's struggle to understand her child's needs, and her fight to make sure, once understood, they were met - in a community that was far from accepting.
USA Today: College adds locker rooms to gender-neutral policy
All over the country, colleges and universities (particularly private liberal arts institutions) are adding gender-neutral options for housing and bathrooms - and now Grinnell College in Iowa has added locker rooms to their gender-neutral policy. The changes often come as a result of student pressure, and are not about couples living together, says Andrea Connor, director of Residential Life at Grinnell.
CNN: Parents Urged to Support Children
This remarkably  even-handed story deals with the rising number of children expressing discomfort with their assigned gender, breaks down some vocabulary and urges parents to support and safeguard their children, regardless of their gender expression.
KQED Forum Transgender Kids

Director of Education and Training Joel Baum, Gender Spectrum Board Member Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, and parent Rachel Beckert discuss the Gender Spectrum Family Conference and issues about gender, children, youth and families. Hosted by Michael Krasny. 

Tyra Banks: Transgendered Children

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
At only 7 and 8 years old, these children are living as the opposite gender. Hear from the kids and their families;  the two families meet;  an update on a former guest who has transitioned from girl to boy;  a heated debate on the subject.

Dr. Oz:  Transgendered Children

Part 1 Part 2
Dr. Oz hosted two transgender children and their families on his show to discuss their experiences growing up and their parents’ decision to support them in their true identity.

20/20: My Secret Self: A Story of Transgendered Children

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Boys and girls. But for some children, toddlers even, it's not so simple. They insist they were born with the wrong bodies. Little boys, absolutely convinced they should be girls. Little girls, who wouldn't wear a frilly party frock if you paid them. They've been diagnosed with GID — Gender Identity Disorder — and some of them and their parents tell their touching stories to Barbara Walters.

TruVu Radio: Understanding Transsexuals and Transgender

Roland Hines interviews Gender Spectrum Director of Education and Training Joel Baum about some of the basics of gender.

Stephanie Brill Talks With Barbara Walters

Gender Spectrum's Executive Director and Barbara Walters explore an array of topics regarding transgender people's many pathways to parenthood. Together, they discuss societal stigma towards transgender families and the need to raise awareness and understanding.

NPR’s All Things Considered:  Two-Part Series on Transgender Children

Two Families Grapple with Sons' Gender Preferences
In part one of the series, parents share their experience coming to grips with their young child's desire to live as a girl.

Parent’s Consider Treatment to Delay Son’s Puberty
In part two of the series, parents discuss the decisions facing their family as their eleven year old approaches puberty.

NPR (KUOW): The Conversation

Host Ross Reynolds interviews Aidan Key, Stephanie Brill, Laurie Cogan and her teenaged son Cory Hoffman shortly before the first Gender Spectrum Family conference.

East Bay Express: Embracing the Spectrum

Stephanie discusses Gender Spectrum's commitment to helping people understand children’s gender expression.

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