Educator ResourcesIntroduction: Creating Gender Inclusive Schools
A gender inclusive school makes certain that regardless of one’s gender identity or gender expression, students are included, respected and supported in all aspects of the school environment without restriction or limitation of any kind.

What is a Gender Inclusive School

Gender inclusive schools, through intentional practices, policies and other actions demonstrate respect and support all students in their gender in ways large and small. From systemic strategies to subtle interactions, gender inclusive schools consistently ask, “How are we accounting for the unique gender of every student?” The answer to this question is well within the reach of any school, and is often far simpler than they could ever imagine.

A Framework for Gender Inclusive Schools

Our "Framework for Gender-Inclusive Schools" guides you through the intentional development of gender inclusive school settings. This framework utilizes four discrete approaches, or entry points, briefly these are:

Internal: Educators’ own knowledge and experiences of gender.

Interpersonal: Interactions, behaviors and communications that reinforce the school’s commitment to gender inclusion for all.

Instructional: Specific ways in which teaching and learning are used to instill greater awareness and understanding about gender.

Institutional: Structural steps that create a foundation for gender inclusive practices to take hold.

Read more about the Framework and ways to use it in your school.

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Professional Development for Educators

Every year we train hundreds of educators from school districts across the country. We would love to work with you! Learn more about our work with educators and educational professionals.

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Training Q&A Calls

We host regular teleconference information sessions where you can learn more about our professional development services. These training Q&A calls give us a chance to share information about our work and give you a chance to ask questions related to your specific needs. Click below to get the schedule and join a call! You can also contact us for more information at [email protected]

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The Gender Inclusive Schools Institute and Network

Our intensive Inclusive Schools Network Institute starts you on the way to understanding and implementing gender inclusive practices. The year-long Inclusive Schools Network connects you with other educators from across the country and helps you build capacity to take ownership of and lead gender inclusion work in your own community. Visit our Inclusive Schools Network page to learn more.

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Film: Creating Gender Inclusive Schools

Our award-winning film "Creating Gender Inclusive Schools" shows you how one school put Gender Spectrum’s educational training into practice with students in the classroom. Learn more, watch the trailer, and order the film for your school!

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