Creating Gender Inclusive Schools Film
Creating Gender Inclusive Schools is a concise and complete overview of how teachers can implement gender-inclusive practices. This video is an invaluable resource!

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Skurnik of The Youth and Gender Media Project, “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools” takes you into the heart of one school’s effort to deepen understandings about gender for the entire community. Highlighting the school’s partnership with Gender Spectrum, the film demonstrates what systematic gender inclusion work looks like on the ground, and the powerful impact it can have on students, staff and community members. Featuring scenes from classrooms, interviews with students, caregivers and educators, and examples of training activities, “Creating Gender Inclusive Schools” is evidence of how any school can succeed in this work for all students.  

The film is ideal for school district administrators, principals, teachers, counselors, school staff, parents and others who want to understand how Gender Spectrum’s educational training translates into working with students in the classroom.

“Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools” can help you learn to create inclusive environments for all students in your school. We also recommend participating in our professional development and training opportunities for educators, to help give you the background, information and tools you need to be a leader in your school community.