Resources for Policy Makers
Policy makers, wanting to best serve a diverse constituency, often feel unprepared to navigate gender-related issues. Gender Spectrum provides information in a non-partisan way that acknowledges the complexity of issues related to gender and the many paths possible to address these challenging issues.

Understanding Gender and the Experience of Gender Diverse Youth and Their Families

Our resources for policy makers give you background information and a brief introduction to some of the issues facing families with gender-expansive children and youth, as well as an overview of how gender impacts all children and young people. Children, youth and families today face concerns around gender that are very different than those many of us grew up with -- existing concepts and language are being discussed and new terms are being created. 

 While discussions of gender often understandably center on the important experiences of transgender and other gender-diverse youth and their families, the ways in which gender is changing affects all children and young people. By supporting the development of inclusive spaces, policy makers can help create the conditions wherein all children feel safe and supported in their gender. 

Your work to create gender-inclusive spaces for all children has significant consequences for healthier communities, by promoting the development and growth of young people who will bring the creativity, innovation and inspiration needed to face 21st century challenges. 

Background on Understanding Gender

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Gender Diverse Youth and Their Families

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