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Stories are powerful: they add depth to our lives and bring color to our experiences. We not only express ourselves through stories, we define ourselves through them.

Gender influences all of our lives - virtually everyone can recall a time when a message about gender affected us in ways that may have been confining or liberating. No matter what your gender identity is, your story can help others feel less alone in their gender journeys. We want to provide you a safe space to share your gender journey with us. We want you to be seen. We want you to be heard.

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You must have a YouTube account to submit your video (if you do not have an account, go to YouTube and click on “Sign In” at the top right. If you already have a gmail or google account, you can use your login to sign in; if not, you can create a new account). 

Please read the "Submission Guidelines" first - in addition to content guidelines this page has useful tips for making quality videos and some story prompts to help you develop your story. 

One you have read the guidelines, upload your video to YouTube (or for audios, upload your audio to Soundcloud) and fill out the form below. After we review and approve your story, we will post it and you will receive an email notification that your story has been posted.

You may also submit a written piece - you must still read and agree to the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

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