Using the Gender Support Plan
The Gender Support Plan is a detailed form to help you create a shared understanding among school staff, parents and a student about the ways in which the student’s authentic gender will be accounted for and supported at school.

Creating a Gender Support Plan

The Gender Support Plan (GSP) is an online, fillable form that you can save, share, and download. School staff, caregivers, and the student can work together to complete the GSP. Ideally, each team member will spend time filling out the various sections to the best of their ability and then come together to review sections and confirm shared agreements about using the plan. Also, see more below about the school Gender Communication Plan, which can help guide you when a student wishes to communicate about their gender at school.


Video: Using the Gender Support Plan

Our video below gives you step-by-step guidance on creating a Gender Support Plan. Watch the video and learn how the plan can help support your students.

Gender Communication Plan

In addition to the Gender Support Plan, Gender Spectrum has created a Gender Communication Plan to help you support the necessary planning for a student to communicate a change in one or more aspects of their commonly assumed gender status with members of the school community. Click "Read More" below to see our article, "Communicating a Change in Gender Status at School."

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Like the GSP, the Gender Communication Plan can be filled out and shared with your team using our online form.