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Beliefs and stereotypes about gender frequently arise in sports, summer camps, after-school programs and youth groups. As understandings of gender evolve, questions can arise about how to help young people grow and thrive without gender limitations.

Parents may have  questions about gender in the context of sports, after-school activities, and camps  Some families will want programs to be more inclusive, and others will have concerns when a program ceases to organize activities by gender. Activities staff, sports league leaders and camp professionals are often not fully prepared to address these questions.. 

Gender Spectrum’s training for activities staff, sports league leaders and camp professionals is designed to give you the vocabulary, tools, and resources you need to be gender inclusive. In all of our work, we honor the diversity of your community and pay particular attention to the specific needs of racial, ethnic and cultural communities.

Our trainings explore:

  • Common gender-based terminology and concepts
  • Characteristics of gender inclusive activities, sports and camps and specific practices for creating them
  • Resources and tools for supporting transgender youth
  • Addressing common questions and concerns

You can be a leader in learning how you can welcome all children in their gender journeys.

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