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Today, many faith traditions are examining their canonical texts to understand gender and to shed light on how assumptions regarding norms may have influenced how gender has been defined and interpreted in their sacred texts.

As more and more congregants seek help from faith leaders to navigate the gender journeys of family members and those in their religious communities, many leaders find themselves trying to understand this essential part of self without having been provided with a proper foundation in their training. Gender Spectrum is here to help people of faith learn about gender and connect with others who are navigating gender and their spiritual journey.

Why Are Conversations About Gender and Faith Important?

Many people look to faith-based leaders and institutions for support, comfort and guidance. Learn why discussions of gender and faith are valuable for youth and families.

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Stories of Faith and Gender

See stories highlighting how affirming faith communities can promote inclusion for all, including gender-expansive youth. 

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Professional Development and Training

Faith leaders and other community members who are looking to understand gender and how to support young people in their gender within your faith tradition can find help.

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Faith Resources

View our collection of resources for navigating gender from several faith traditions. We have general resources for those of any faith, and also specific resources on gender for those of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Confucianist and Taoist, Native Traditional and Indigenous, and Unitarian Universalist faiths.

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Online Groups

Our online group discussions are safe spaces to share stories and find support around your faith and gender journey.

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