10 Ways You Can Stand Up to Discrimination Today

Oct 29, 2015

We can all create environments where young people feel safe. When it comes to creating gender-inclusive spaces, we should also look at how we can make these spaces inclusive of all people across the gender spectrum, people of color, and people of other diverse backgrounds. Everyone deserves to live as their true, authentic self without fear of discrimination (and that includes their whole sense of self). We’ve broken down 10 ways you can stand up against discrimination RIGHT NOW.

Free to Pee

We all should be free to pee! 70% of Transgender and Gender-expansive people experience some form of harassment in public restrooms. Encourage your local school, library, or community center to demand inclusive options for trans people. 

Take Back The Streets

70%-99% of women experience street harassment at some point in their lives. WHAT? That’s ridiculous. Those who expressed a transgender identity or gender non-conformity while in grades K-12 reported alarming rates of harassment (78%), physical assault (35%) and sexual violence (12%). DOUBLE WHAT? That’s ridiculous too. Use your art skills to create messages of solidarity where it all started: the streets.


Put on your party pants! Throw a birthday party to celebrate and teach your friends about important LGBT influencers.

Support for Survivors

1 in 5 young women will be sexually assaulted while in college. 1 in 6 males were sexually abused by the age of 18. Best thing you can do as these survivors begin the healing process? Provide messages of support and resources.

Barbie Bash

The probability of having the same waist size of a Barbie doll is 1 in 2.4 BILLION. WTF? Accurate representation matters. Create your own realistic representation of Barbie to fight back against inaccurate body representation in mainstream media.

Comics to the Rescue

Bullying sucks. But never fear, Comics to the Rescue is here! Time to use those doodling skills to create a comic starring a badass superhero shutting down bullying. Like Sera, the transgender woman of color from Marvel’s Angela: Asgard’s Assassin? Yeah, a badass superhero like her.

Read Outside the Lines

It is important for young people to have characters, in both fiction and nonfiction, who feel relatable. Host a book club that reads texts by or about individuals who hold identities outside the socially defined “norm.”  Check out some of these titles: ParrotfishSymptoms of Being Human, and Tomboy.

Out-of-the-Closet Cards

October 11 is National Coming Out Day, but it’s always a good time for equality and inclusion! Distribute “Closet Cards” to teachers with tips for creating an LGBT-inclusive classroom.


Ask for consent. Period.

Safe Space Flag

Almost 1 in 4 students report being bullied at school. Designate a Safe Space, where bullying isn’t tolerated.

If you’re interested in participating or want to brainstorm ideas on additional ways to stand up against discrimination, check out the Youth Activists group in the Lounge.

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