Sarah Hoffman Urges: Don't Comment Without Experience

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
We’re always a little unsure about TV psychologists. Coming to an accurate diagnosis of some one’s behavior and mental state seems like the sort of thing that would benefit from an extended period of interaction with that person, but some people are confident making these decisions after just one meeting -  or even about people they haven’t met at all!

But as Huffington Post contributor Sarah Hoffman notes, you have to be careful when you publicly comment on issues with which you don’t have personal experience. Keith Ablow may feel within his rights to tear into the parents of Tammy, an 11 year old child transgendered girl, but as Hoffman says, he’s never been in their situation.

If he had, he probably wouldn’t be so accusing. Hoffman quotes a conservative parent of a transgender child, Anna, who says “At one time, I would have felt the way these [Fox News] critics did. Until my precious, beautiful... daughter insisted that she was a boy. Over and over. For years … Don't be so quick to condemn, until you yourself have a child who expresses the opposite gender of their birth. No one would choose this path for their child. I love my child more than ever and will do whatever I can to give her the life and happiness she deserves. Whether my child is a boy or a girl. My child is my child."  
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