A Month of Programs on Gender for Everyone!

Nov 02, 2017

This month, Gender Spectrum is launching some amazing new programs that will be exciting for parents, family members, professionals, young people and others. 

You can find all of these programs now on our “Gender and Its Dimensions” page, including:

  • Our Online Film Festival, featuring the premiere of the Gender Spectrum film “Understanding Gender: Narratives of Hijras in Bangladesh” and other free and discounted films from the Frameline Distribution catalogue.
  • Our three-video series on the Dimensions of gender, featuring members of our Youth Council. Don’t miss these truly inspiring videos to hear these passionate youth describing what gender means and looks like for them.
  • A series of talks with Non-binary YouTubers.
  • Videos on Navigating the Holidays, Health and Gender, Gender Basics and more.
  • A full of week of programs for Transgender Awareness week.

And many more programs. Enjoy!