“Advancing Acceptance” Campaign Highlights Support for Transgender Youth

Feb 05, 2019

Gender Spectrum is excited to be partnering with Vice President Joe Biden’s Foundation As You Are campaign and the Movement Advancement Project (MAP) in the launch of the “Advancing Acceptance” campaign, featuring a new video highlighting the benefits of family, friends and community support for Transgender youth.

Gender Spectrum has an array of resources for educating all children and young people on gender and specifically for supporting transgender and gender-diverse youth. You can join our mailing list to stay updated, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for stories, news, and more. Following are a few of our resources for parents, families, and youth-serving professionals for support of gender-diverse young people.

Understanding Gender: an overview of the Dimensions of gender and a framework to understand the changing landscape of gender today. Click here.

Gender Spectrum Groups: we offer online discussion groups for adults and young people (and a Bay Area in-person parenting group), including groups for pre-teens, teenagers, parents, grandparents, dads, Spanish-speaking parents, and others. Discussions are facilitated by our staff or trained facilitators, and participants can join by video, phone, or chat. Click here.

Gender Spectrum Lounge and Groups Directory: the Gender Spectrum Lounge is an online community where people can ask questions, share stories, and get support. We also have a Directory of online and in-person discussion and support groups so people can find groups in their area and/or online groups. Click here for the Lounge and here for the Directory.

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Topics: Parenting: our parenting page has a wealth of resources and information for parents and other family members. A few key resources include:

  • The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals here.
  • The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-binary Teens here.
  • The Gender Creative Child: Pathways to Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live Outside Gender Boxes here.
  • Communicating with Family and Friends (Sample Letters) here.
  • Choosing Professionals to Work with Your Family here.

Topics: Teens: information and resources for youth. We have numerous videos by and for young people, including:

  • A playlist of five videos on Gender expression here.
  • Talks with three Non-Binary YouTubers here.
  • Three “Dimensions of Gender” videos here.
  • A series on Teens Talking to Parents/Caregivers here.

and many more on our YouTube channel here.

Working with Schools: we also offer professional development to educators, health care professionals, camp staff and any adults who work with young people, and we have a wealth of information and resources to help parents in working with schools, including among many others:

  • Initial School Meeting here.
  • Gender Support Plan and Using the Gender Support Plan (video) here.
  • Gender Communication Plan here and Key Considerations: Using the Gender Communication Plan here.
  • Creating Gender Inclusive Schools here; this award-winning film documents our work with one elementary school on gender for all students.
  • “Transgender Students and School Bathrooms: Frequently Asked Questions” here.

Educators can learn about our Inclusive Schools Network training here, and educators and other professionals who work with children or youth can fill out this form to receive more information about our trainings.

Faith resources and How to find a welcoming faith community

We also have a wide array of videos on topics around gender on our YouTube channel, just a few examples include:

Gender Basics video here.

Back to School Tips for Parents video here.

Parenting Non-binary Kids video here.