Strategies to create safe havens for students

Jun 26, 2017

Kim Westheimer, Gender Spectrum’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, wrote an article for the May/June 2017 issue of the American School Counselor Association magazine that focused on how school counselors can help create safe havens for Transgender and Non-binary students in the current political climate.

It’s validating for students to be seen by one person, but considerably preferable to feel seen and welcomed by a larger community….Once a community has witnessed the power of being gender-inclusive, there is no turning back. Educators in these schools are reminded of why they joined the field in the first place – to have a positive impact on young people. 

These strategies include actions which an individual, adult or school counselor can take through direct communication with a student as well as actions that school counselors can take to in collaboration with others to foster school-wide change.

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