Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Sep 04, 2019

Gender Spectrum is pleased to partner with the National PTA to provide resources for parents who are interested in learning more about gender, children and youth. For youth and other PTSA members, you can find more resources here.

Gender norms and stereotypes limit all children and teens, no matter what their gender is, impacting how they feel about themselves, the kinds of opportunities they believe are open to them, and how they are treated by their peers. For example, did you know that girls as young as 6 start to believe that specific activities are “not for them” simply because they think they’re not as smart as boys? And bullying is strongly associated with gender stereotypes, particularly when it comes to the targeting of boys who are perceived as “too feminine.”

While gender stereotypes persist, understandings of gender are evolving rapidly and it can be hard to keep up. Young people are driving many of these changes. Over one-third of 13-21 year olds know someone who uses gender neutral pronouns according to a recent Pew Research Poll.  Nearly 60% said that forms should include options besides “man” or “woman.”

These shifting understandings of gender affects all of us – adults and young people alike. Whether or not these topics are new to you, the resources below will help you further reflect upon your own gender, your children’s gender, and the social and historical contexts in which we  understand gender. 

These are just a few of our resources for parents. Check out the rest of our website to find many more resources for parents, youth and educators!