Choosing the Right College – Advice from Young Adults

Mar 24, 2017

We hosted a panel discussion with five young adults to learn more about their experiences finding a school or path after high school that is supportive of their gender.

What do you look for in a school if you are trans, Non-binary, or Gender-expansive? How about if you are thinking about a gap year? Or trying to find a supportive community in a new setting? These are just some of the topics brought up in this program.

What advice would you give young people thinking about the path ahead? Share with others in the Gender Spectrum Lounge.

Skip to specific questions using the links below:

1:07 – Introductions – Share your name, pronouns, where you live and anything else important the audience should know about you.
4:08 – What path did you choose after high school and why did you choose that path?
11:50 – Did you gender impact your decision at all?
20:10 – How did you find communities in these new settings? Was it easy? Hard? How was your experience and is it now?
31:50 – What is the most important thing to consider if you plan to start to Transition with hormones four months prior to entering as a freshmen and living in dorms? Would it be better to take a gap year after you’ve had a chance to adjust to transitioning?
37:45 – So looking back now, has anything come up that’s been surprising to you or something that you weren’t expecting that you wish you would have known when you were maybe like that senior in high school, trying to map out what path to choose?
43:24 – When and how do you talk to your professors about name and pronoun changes? I read on Tumblr that most people send email professors before class starts to avoid confusion, but I’d love to hear actual experiences.
47:45 – What was your level around disclosure? Did this change over time? And how did you decide who and when you disclosed to?
52:28 – Is there anything you want to share that maybe wasn’t asked, like in a specific question? Is there anything on your mind that you’re feeling like you really want to share with people who are going to be watching this? Are there any last closing things you want to share with the group?
55:14 – Does anyone else want to share anything?