Gender Spectrum Pre-Teen Group

Aug 09, 2017

Gender Spectrum’s online pre-teen group, for young people ages 11 and 12, is coming up soon! This fall teens from all across the country (and globally!) will come together in a safe online space to meet other kids navigating gender and to have a space to just hangout! Whether it’s gender, your favorite TV shows and movies, hobbies, school life, or whatever you want to talk about, this group creates a space where you can meet kids your age who share similar experiences.

Young people can join the sessions via video chat or by phone only, based on their preference, and always respecting their privacy. Gender Spectrum staff facilitates the discussions to insure the experience is meaningful for all participants.

Parents can sign up any 11-12 year old children now! The fall sessions begin on Wednesday, August 23 at 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern) and will run weekly at that time (alternating between Wednesdays and Tuesdays) for six weeks.

See the full schedule, find more information and sign up your child here.