Gender Inclusive Leadership in Action – Episode 2

Feb 14, 2017

This interview with Dr. Kelly King, an assistant superintendent in the Glendale Unified School District describes how her school district has supported students to become comfortable and confident in their true identity and bring that to their education.

If you would like to view specific questions, please click on the timestamps below:

0:01 – Introduction
0:08 – What has been your experience working with Gender-expansive students?
1:30 – What were some of the areas you needed to consider as you worked with your gender-expansive students?
6:37 – What were some of your initial concerns about supporting Transgender and other gender-expansive students? How did you plan for these concerns?
11:00 – What resistance did you face from others–staff members, parents/community members, and/or students?
15:53 – Can you talk about the impact of your support on the individual students? The students’ families? And overall gender inclusion?
21:38 – Based on your experiences to date, what advice would you give to educators seeking to support the needs of transgender and other gender-expansive children and youth?
25:02 – As an educator, why do you believe this is important work to be doing?

This ongoing series will feature conversations with educators committed to supporting the gender diversity of all students. We will discuss how schools create conditions that support students’ needs and demonstrate how a school’s commitment to authentic gender inclusion is consistent with supporting a positive learning environment for all kids.

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