Gender Narratives: Videos from Our Youth Council

Dec 12, 2017

Our “Gender Narratives” series collects the stories of our new Youth Council members and how they have been affected by gender throughout their lives. These are touching, powerful statements from young people that you won’t want to miss!

For example, Jude is a 15-year-old from Texas who recently joined the Gender Spectrum Youth Council. In their video, Jude says,

Gender has been impacting my life for a very very long time. When I was a little kid I was was always told, ‘No don’t wear that or no don’t do this or no don’t do that because the expectation of a man and a woman were already set for me….I’m very very proud to say that I’m a young Latinx individual. I love my community, but the problem is the Latino community is very very heavily gendered and that’s unfortunate because there’s not just men and women there’s many different identities expressions…

See Jude’s full video below and see all of our Youth Council’s “Gender Narratives” on our YouTube page.

For more stories from our work, see our 2017 Annual Report.