Groups Provide Support for Parents Nationwide

Aug 25, 2017

In September, Gender Spectrum will host three online support groups for parents of Transgender, Non-binary or otherwise Gender-expansive children and teens: a National Parent Support Group, a Dads Group, and a parents group for Spanish-speaking parents.

For our Fall 2017 National Parent Support Group,  parents and caregivers will get together in live, online discussions to share stories and find support through the journey of raising their children. The national discussion group will meet monthly from September through December, and parents and caregivers can join by phone or video. Many parents from the monthly discussion group find ongoing support through conversations in The Lounge, Gender Spectrum’s online community.

Dates for the upcoming National Parent Support Group series are:

  • September 13 (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm PT (8:00 pm ET)
  • October 18 (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm PT (8:00 pm ET)
  • November 14 (Tuesday) at 5:00 pm PT (8:00 pm ET)
  • December 7 (Thursday) at 5:00 pm PT (8:00 pm ET)

Learn more and sign up for the National Parent Support Group here.

Dads of transgender, nonbinary or gender expansive kids can also get together in our Dads Group. Gender Spectrum Board Member Enrique Perez Grovas facilitates this series, which provides a safe space for fathers to share their experiences with their peers nationwide. The Dads Group meets online monthly: to join, register for membership of The Lounge, our online community, and then once your membership is approved, request membership in the Dads Group.

Dates for the upcoming Dads Group series are:

  • August 30 (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm PT (9:00 pm ET)
  • September 26 (Tuesday) at 6:00 pm PT (9:00 pm ET)
  • October 18 (Thursday) at 6:30 pm PT (9:00 pm ET)
  • November 15 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm PT (9:00 pm ET)
  • December 13 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm PT (9:00 pm ET)

If you have any questions or need help joining these groups, you can email Pam Wool at [email protected]. And check out more information on our group for Spanish Speaking Parents.