“I got confidence and comfort from Gender Spectrum”

Aug 08, 2019

A few weeks ago we hosted our annual Gender Spectrum Family Conference, and what an exciting, energizing, and transformative weekend it was.  Families from across the country were able to connect, ask questions, and gain answers about what it meant for them to be on this gender journey with their child. For many families this was the first time they were even able to talk about gender amongst their peers. More than 600 adults and 300 children attended the Gender Spectrum Family Conference, seeking community and life-changing resources with the help of 180 volunteers and over 70 workshop presenters.  

One youth participant, Elliot, told us:

The community and environment, especially in the youth spaces, were without a doubt the most impactful things for me. Being in a space where so many people could relate to my specific struggles and understand my experience was incredible. It also showed me the true amount of diversity within the trans community, and the amount of supportive allies, friends, and family that were excited about participating in the conference.

Gender Spectrum was not only a resource for me but for my parents — when they had questions or concerns about any aspect of my transition they could turn to a reliable network of families and online information. Overall it helped my transition go more smoothly, for me and my whole family. For me, getting to know a large network of trans people and allies as I was coming of age helped me feel more confident in the world. I think I can attribute a lot of my confidence and comfort in expressing my gender identity to Gender Spectrum.

Not everyone is able to get to the Gender Spectrum Conference; but we reach so many more youth, families and professionals through our online programming, providing a network of supportive and informed youth and adults who can help. Please consider making a donation of $250, $500, or $1000 to our online programming today!