Important message about Gender Spectrum

Mar 06, 2020

FROM: Stephanie Brill
TO: Stakeholders
SUBJECT: Important message about Gender Spectrum

Dear Friends of Gender Spectrum,
I’m reaching out to you to share some exciting updates from Gender Spectrum that will help us
deepen and expand our impact for all those we serve.

New opportunities
As awareness of gender and gender-inclusivity continues to grow, we receive a number of
requests to provide education and training about gender. While many of these requests relate
to Transgender, Non-binary and other Gender-expansive children and youth, others focus on
areas beyond our mission, including matters related to adults, workplace training, and support
outside the U.S.

We’ve welcomed the chance to expand our services and our impact. At the same time, as we’ve
responded to these requests, we’ve encountered confusion about Gender Spectrum’s mission
and scope. It has been challenging to communicate how we can assist these new audiences,
since Gender Spectrum is so closely identified with U.S. children and youth. We are enormously
proud of what Gender Spectrum stands for, and we want it to stay strong and vibrant long into
the future.

Introducing our new “sibling” organization
After considering all our options, we decided to start a new organization called Reimagine
Gender, which will take on these new areas of work, addressing a broad
range of issues related to gender, providing services to corporations, nonprofits and
government organizations globally.

We believe that starting a “sibling” nonprofit is the best way to effectively introduce and
expand new program areas and maintain Gender Spectrum’s mission. As a separate
organization from Gender Spectrum, Reimagine Gender will have its own budget and staff and
we will recruit a team with the backgrounds, skills and experiences needed to carry out this
new work.

What this means for Gender Spectrum
We’ll continue our work throughout the U.S. to support gender-diverse youth, their families
and the professionals they work with. With so many people yet to serve, your support is

Our full team remains in place, with one exception. Liam Day has joined Gender Spectrum as
Interim Executive Director, as Lisa Kenney will take the helm of Reimagine Gender (please reach
out to [email protected] for more information) . Lisa is working closely with Liam to
ensure a smooth Transition.

We are thrilled to have these two organizations working in tandem, both sharing the vision of a
more gender-inclusive world. Thank you for your support in helping us to realize this important
milestone. We look forward to your continued partnership!

Stephanie Brill
Founder and Board Chair, Gender Spectrum