New Volunteer Opportunity

Sep 16, 2016

Gender Spectrum is excited to share two internship opportunities and one volunteer position.

Volunteer Lounge Group Moderator

Unpaid volunteer position online

As part of our commitment to serving all young people, and the adults who care for them, we are seeking a fun and dynamic individual to join our team and train as a Volunteer Lounge Group Moderator.

The Gender Spectrum Lounge is our online community platform. This is where the Volunteer Lounge Group Moderator will focus their time and energy. It’s a space that has been created for teens, families and professionals throughout the country (and world) who are looking to better understand and explore gender and help break the isolation that so many people experience in their homes, schools and communities. The Lounge serves as a fun and interactive online community for everyone who seeks to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and youth. We offer a wide range of groups within the Lounge that focus on a multitude of topics ranging from parents of trans teens, reframing gender through film, Gender-expansive teens of color, faith & spirituality, and gender in pop culture. We’re looking for someone with the passion to help create increased engagement by moderating a group to help grow our online community.

Our ideal Volunteer Lounge Group Moderator has previous experience posting and engaging in online communities and platforms (YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Quora etc.) or is excited to learn to about online community engagement and moderation.

Key Responsibilities
• Enforce the Community Guidelines
• Report to the Manager of Online Programming and Community Development any issues that may arise
• Be an active Gender Spectrum Lounge member, posting frequently, engaging other posts, writing follow-ups, and commenting when needed to foster a sense of community participation
• Work with other volunteer moderators for the Lounge
• Work with Gender Spectrum staff to implement new tools and functionalities in the Lounge to increase ease of use among members

Desired Qualifications
• Bilingual/bicultural

Time Commitment
Anticipated weekly commitment of 1 – 3 hours per week depending on the need of Lounge Group of your choosing

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Lounge Group Moderator, please send an email to [email protected]