One Mom’s Faith Journey

Jan 28, 2018

The story of a mom of a Transgender child who came from a conservative Christian background

Our Director of Family Services Pam Wool recently spoke with a Mom who faced a clash between her Evangelical faith community and her transgender child. Hear this Mom’s touching story below, or listen and/or download via our Soundcloud page,  and see more on our “Reflections on Gender and Faith” page.


Resources for families facing similar struggles include:

The Reformation Project

Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being

Blue Ocean Faith

The Human Rights Campaign’s faith resources


Some highlights from the conversation:

Her experience with the Evangelical Christian world

“When my child came out it did present quite the conflict with a lot of the more Evangelical beliefs and now I’m on a new journey to reconsider some of the things that are unique to Evangelicalism without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

How this experience has affected her and her child

“They decided it was against their views to even have their kid see my kid Transition and so they cut us off completely and it was really traumatic for me because she was a best friend who I was hoping would be supportive…I’ll never forget the look that my child gave me after the dots were connected…for two years he cried all the time and would say he missed his friend.”

Finding a new religious community

“It’s helpful to know that…I can still believe in a lot of the core tenets of Christianity and that I’m not an apostate or a heretic or crazy.”   

Parallels between her and her child’s journeys

“People who have transitioned know that they are the same person…and I feel like that’s true of me and my beliefs as well.”

Hopes for her children’s faith

“I want my kids to find belief to be helpful and to be inspiring and good.”  

See more on our “Reflections on Gender and Faith” page.

You can also see an NBC Today Show segment (below) of another Mom who faced a conflict with her faith over her transgender child. As she states, “Being a transgender Christian is not an oxymoron. Being a hateful Christian is an oxymoron.”