The World of Gender

Jan 03, 2018

Across cultures, gender is understood in many different and complex ways. Various cultures and regions have a wide range of responses to gender differences: in some places, third and multiple genders are accepted and even revered. But of course, in other cases, people who identify with genders that are outside of the male/female binary are discriminated against or ostracized.

Indeed, the history of those pushing on the boundaries of gender is complex. This long history demonstrates two critical points: individuals throughout the world and across time have always existed outside of the binary and they always will. Further, in many cases these gender trailblazers face many difficult and even dangerous challenges while also having a sense of liberation from many of the limitations imposed by the Gender binary. Despite this complicated dynamic, one thing is clear: the diversity of gender has always been part of the human experience. This remains so not only for individuals outside of the gender binary, but for those existing within it as well.

We would love to hear you stories! Let us know about your culture, family, or anything about how your background intersects with gender, using an image, audio, video or just a sentence or two.

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Throughout the month of January we will be posting images with brief descriptions here and on our Facebook page. We hope that these images showing just some of the many ways that people have expressed and identified their genders offers a glimpse into some of the possibilities around human gender diversity. With emerging notions of personal gender, these glimpses from different cultures can help us begin to understand the importance of welcoming and including all genders in our families, our schools, our workplaces, and in every aspect of our communities.

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