Transgender Awareness Week

Nov 12, 2019

From November 12 – 19, Gender Spectrum is joining individuals and organizations around the country in recognizing Transgender Awareness Week in support of transgender, nonbinary and Gender-expansive youth and adults. See our new video series featuring parents at the Gender Spectrum Conference, our “Gender Basics” video, our recent youth series of Barbershop Videos, video talks with Non-binary YouTubers and more videos and resources below.

Learn the Basics with our “Gender Basics” Video!

Check out our Gender Basics video, with Gender Spectrum Executive Director Lisa Kenney and our Senior Director of Professional Development Joel Baum giving you more background on the Dimensions of gender.

Teens and Parents Discuss Gender

In this video series, teens talk to parents, and parents to teens, on their experiences navigating gender. See Cat describe their experience for other teens and for parents. Hear Matt’s story of love and support when first coming-out to his conservative family. Check out Jared on queer rappers, pop culture and his relationship with his Mom around gender. And hear from Agnes, a parent who has lessons that other parents, family members and other adults who have teens in their lives can learn from.

Navigating Barbershops

Check out the video with tips and styles for your next trip to the barbershop, and watch the full playlist on our YouTube channel.

Talks with Nonbinary YouTubers

In this series of three short videos, you will hear from Spencer Adams, Ashley Wylde and Kevin Ninh, three non-binary young people who discuss gender and how it impacts their lives, relationships and their creativity. 

Video: Challenging Moments in Conversation – How to Avoid Awkward Situations

Our Youth Council members created this video on some common questions they face that can be awkward, complicated, or downright offensive. The first half of the video takes a rapid-fire approach to the discussion, followed by a more reflective second half featuring the young people’s own narratives and how they navigate the world: deciding when to disclose to friends and family, what disclosure means to them, and if disclosure is even necessary.