Transgender Awareness Week Programs

Nov 21, 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in programs for Transgender Awareness Week. Below is a summary of all of the programs that took place from November 14-20.

Gender Basics: An Introduction to Gender

The way that people think and talk about gender is changing, as young people have an increased ability to share their experience with others. This requires a more precise vocabulary than has been previously used. Lisa Kenney (Executive Director at Gender Spectrum) and Joel Baum (Senior Director of Professional Development at Gender Spectrum) introduce you to some foundational terms, explain what they mean, and discuss why it is important to let people share their experience in their own words.

Challenging Moments in Conversation: How to Avoid Awkward Situations

Have you ever been asked a question that is offensive and you didn’t know how to respond? Have you ever asked someone a question and immediately regretted it because it was insensitive? If you’ve experienced either of these situations this program might be good for you! Members of the Gender Spectrum Youth Council explored some of the common offensive questions in a rapid-fire and off-the-cuff discussion in the first half of this program. The second half of this program focuses on their own narratives and how they navigate the world- deciding when to disclose to friends and family, what disclosure means to them, and if disclosure is even necessary.

Suicidal Warning Signs – Presentation and Discussion with The Trevor Project

Danielle Orner, Sr. Education Manager at The Trevor Project, presents information for parents and guardians on suicidal warning signs and how to respond to support transgender and Non-binary youth.

Gender Inclusive School Leadership in Action

This interview with Dr. Pamela Retzlaff, a middle school principal in Webster Groves, Missouri, highlights the specific steps she took as an elementary school principal supporting the first Transgender student she encountered in her career. She describes how a school can effectively ensure that transgender, non-binary, and other Gender-expansive students feel seen, safe and supported, even in circumstances where the subject is new for the students, teachers and community members she serves

Transgender Awareness Week: Voicemail Series (An Ongoing Discussion About Gender)

Gender affects all of us. The Gender Spectrum Voicemail Series examines the intersection between gender and the different aspects of our daily lives. The series is meant to be easy to be a part of. As long as you have access to a phone, you can participate. The prompt from this last week was: What does being a trans, non-binary, or Gender-expansive person of color mean to you or what does being an ally of a trans, non-binary, or gender-expansive person of color mean to you?

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools Q&A

All children and teens encounter gender roles, stereotypes, and definitions related to gender throughout their childhood and especially in school. Creating Gender Inclusive Schools, a new film, directed by award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Skurnik of The Youth and Gender Media Project. The film shows how one school approached this important subject, and along the way demonstrates the power of having a conversation with youth about gender. As part of Transgender Awareness Week, we hosted an online screening for educators and parents. Kim Westheimer hosted a Q&A after the screening.

Transgender Wall of Love

Being transgender is awesome! Yes, it can also be challenging, but while we continue to push for equal rights, acceptance, and positive representation, let’s not forget to celebrate how wonderful we are. We asked for your feedback – what you liked about being trans, non-binary, and/or Gender-expansive. This is what you shared!

Navigating the Holidays

Along with the joy of seeing family and friends, holidays can be a time when parents and caregivers of Transgender, non-binary and other Gender-expansive kids need to negotiate issues around their child’s gender. To help you prepare, we’ve created a three-part video series hosted by Gender Spectrum’s Lisa Kenney and Pamela Wool.