You’ve applied to college, now what? College professionals share their expertise on pursuing education beyond high school

Apr 14, 2017

This is the time of year when many teens are hearing about their college acceptances and figuring out plans for continuing their studies next year. If you are Transgender, Non-binary, or otherwise Gender-expansive, you will have some special considerations to think about as you start making these important decisions.

This program features a discussion with Sy Simms, Trans Education Specialist at University of California, Santa Cruz, and Desirée Anderson, Director of the Intercultural Center at St. Mary’s College of California.

Some of the questions we will address include:

If you have more than one choice for college, what information should you be getting from colleges to determine which ones will be welcoming?

How should you make decisions about whether to be private or public about your gender? If you are going to be living on campus, should you live in LGBT housing if that’s an option?

How will you find allies on campus?

What preparations do you need to make ahead of time, if you need to receive hormones or other gender-related treatment through your college’s health services?

If you don’t have a good college option, based on finances or other considerations, or the college you choose is not experienced with gender diversity, what steps can you take?

Skip ahead to specific questions using the links below:

4:29 How do you figure out which schools will be welcoming of your gender?

17:09 Navigating housing at college

20:50 Accessing health services at college

26:18 What if the school I am going to has not done any work around gender?

29:26 What if a student doesn’t have any really good options at this point?

36:44 Being public or private about your gender at college

43:11 What if a student tries a school and it doesn’t work for them?

46:48 Gender diversity at colleges today

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