Film: Creating Gender Inclusive Schools

The brand new film, directed by award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Skurnik of The Youth and Gender Media Project, takes you into the heart of our work with elementary schools.

Politicians and 24-hour news outlets spend a lot of time talking about gender and schools, yet most people are left wondering: how are schools talking about gender with students in grade-appropriate ways? Creating Gender Inclusive Schools shows how one school approached this important subject, and along the way demonstrates the power of having a conversation with youth about gender.

The film is ideal for anyone who wants to understand some of the ways gender is discussed in classrooms, including parents, school district administrators, principals, teachers, counselors and school staff members, because it demonstrates that creating an inclusive environment for all children, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of Gender identity and expression, is achievable and fun. The film also reminds us that children are teachers too.

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Creating Gender Inclusive Schools Trailer from Jonathan Skurnik on Vimeo.

All children and teens encounter gender roles, stereotypes, and definitions related to gender throughout their childhood and especially in school. Gender Spectrum works with school districts and schools to support educators seeking to create accepting environments that recognize the gender diversity of all students.

As you’ll see in Creating Gender Inclusive Schools, conversations about gender can take place in an age-appropriate, positive and supportive way. Education and training can support everyone in the school community. Click here to learn more about how Gender Spectrum can help.