Gender, Culture and History

This month, our programs focus on ways that gender expectations changed through time and differ across cultures. We are featuring several new programs with conversations that explore Transgender activism, youth voices, stories about fashion, sports and more. In all, the offerings here demonstrate how vital it is for all of us to understand gender and its impact on all of our lives!

New! See Kids Interview Elders on Gender here

The World of Gender

Across cultures, gender is understood in many different and complex ways. The Mahu of Hawaii, The Muxe of Mexico and the Hindu Tritiya Prakriti are just some of the many people around the world who do not identify along the Gender binary. To learn more about these and other cultures, throughout the month we will be posting these images with brief descriptions on our blog and our Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook to be sure to see them all!


Young People on “We’ve Been Around”

“We’ve Been Around” is a video series created by Rhys Ernst (co-producer of Amazon’s “Transparent”) that explores the history of several famous and lesser-known transgender people whose lives have helped pave the way for all of us. Several young people (including some of our Youth Council members) watched the series and made their own videos to share their reactions. Check out their videos here and see all of the “We’ve Been Around” episodes at

Title IX: 12 Things That Advocates and Educators Want You to Know.

Title IX has been in the news quite a bit over the last year, with differing interpretations of the law. Gender Spectrum reached out to some key advocates and educators to ask them what everyone should know about Title IX. Here’s what they had to say (And click here for more background on Title IX and what you can do to protect this law!)

Kids Interview Elders on Gender

As part of our exploration of Gender, Culture and History, we asked a few young people to interview their elders. It’s fascinating to hear how experiences of gender have changed over the generations and how they’ve stayed the same. Enjoy these interviews and then ask some elders in your life the questions below the audios and compare their answers to your own!

Sixteen year old Gabe interviews his Grandpa Dale


Eleven year old Lucy interviews her Grandma Elly


Ten year old Ruby interviews her Grandma Sandy


Sixteen year old Ruby interviews close family friend Alex


Here are some questions you might ask the elders in your life:

  • Did you receive any messages growing up about things you could or couldn’t do because of your gender? How did that feel?
  • Were your siblings who were a different gender treated the same way as you?
  • Did you know anyone who didn’t fit into gender norms when you were growing up? How were they treated? 
  • Is there anything in today’s culture that you are surprised or pleased about regarding gender?
  • Is there anything you thought might be better by now but isn’t?

If you want to share your interview, send it to us at [email protected] and we’ll add it to our collection.

Narratives of Hijra in Bangladesh: A Gender Spectrum Short Film

We are proud of our film,Understanding Gender: Narratives of Hijras in Bangladeshwhich recounts the struggles and joys of the Hijra community, in their own words. Produced with filmmakers Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo and Tousif Farhad, the film includes interviews and breathtaking images of the beauty of the Hijra community.

Watch Now!