A Teacher’s Story

Dec 12, 2017

Shirley, an elementary school teacher from Northern California who attended our Professionals’ Symposium, is one teacher who exemplifies the value of our work. Shirley learned of Gender Spectrum shortly before the Symposium, and she was eager to work on creating a gender-inclusive classroom and school environment, noting “I want to work at the school level, looking at systems and how we can train teachers and talk to parents about this work.” She also expressed how influential teachers are in creating safe spaces at school where students can be free “from stereotypes and rules that limit them.”

After the Symposium, Shirley felt empowered to take our work back to her school.

This work is not something I have to do alone. Gender Spectrum meets people where they are, and they have a conversation….That feels really good to me, because I’ve been bumping up against some resistance.

Below is a brief video with clips of Shirley and other educators describing how they create gender-inclusive environments in their work. You can read more stories from our work in our 2017 Annual Report.