Gender and Its Dimensions: Programs on Gender for Everyone

We all want all children to reach their full potential, but rather than empowering children and youth to bring their full creativity and passion to their communities, rigid gender stereotypes place obstacles in their way and limit their possibilities. At Gender Spectrum, we create safe, caring spaces where all children can learn, grow, and play to their fullest capacity, regardless of their gender.

Check this page throughout the month of November, as we will be adding a wide variety of online programs that highlight the dimensions and diversity of gender. Only by understanding the richness of gender can we begin to dismantle the harmful gendering we impose on children, often unintentionally. November marks Transgender Awareness Week, and starting on Monday November 13 we will post a full week of programs exploring transgender, Non-binary and Gender-expansive lives. Whether you are a parent, a family member or friend, a professional who works with children, or a young person yourself, everyone will find something on this page to entertain, surprise, educate, or amuse you. Enjoy!

Navigating the Holidays

If you will be visiting with family who may not know about your gender-expansive child this holiday season, check out this video with information and tips for managing challenging family dynamics. We hope you have a healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Transgender Awareness Week

From November 13 through November 20, Gender Spectrum is joining other organizations and individuals from across the country for Transgender Awareness Week, a time to help raise the visibility of transgender, non-binary and gender-expansive people and highlight the joys and challenges facing the community. We are excited about our Transgender Awareness programs, including:

Talks with Non-Binary YouTubers

In this series of three short videos, you will hear from Spencer Adams, Ashley Wylde and Kevin Ninh, three non-binary young people who discuss gender and how it impacts their lives, relationships and their creativity.


Transgender Day of Resilience

For the 3rd year, several organizations are joining together for Transgender Day of Resilience, gathering  artists and organizers to honor the lives and leadership of transgender, non-binary and gender expansive people of color. Please take a moment to view and share with your networks this year’s art project. We are also recognizing Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) on November 20th, marking the end of Transgender Awareness Week, as an annual observance to honor the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Health and Gender

See two videos on health and mental health issues around gender. First, see our our video with Maya Adam, MD from Stanford University School of Medicine, to hear about Stanford’s online course on “Health Across the Gender Spectrum.” Be sure to check the YouTube page for links to the online course. Then, a video featuring Gender Spectrum Board Member Diane Ehrensaft, a developmental and clinical psychologist and the Director of Mental Health and founding member of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF. Diane discusses the basis for gender affirming therapy and tells some amazing success stories from her practice and from her own life as a parent.

Video: Challenging Moments in Conversation – How to Avoid Awkward Situations

Our Youth Council members created this video on some common questions they face that can be awkward, complicated, or downright offensive. The first half of the video takes a rapid-fire approach to the discussion, followed by a more reflective second half featuring the young people’s own narratives and how they navigate the world: deciding when to disclose to friends and family, what disclosure means to them, and if disclosure is even necessary.

Wrabel: The Village

Our Youth Council has been talking about this music video, a story of a transgender teen written by Wrabel on the day the Trump administration eliminated Federal protections for trans students in public schools. Also read this interview with Wrabel about the genesis of the song.

Teens and Parents Talk Gender

In this video series, teens talk to parents, and parents to teens, on their experiences navigating gender. See Cat describe their experience for other teens and for parents. Hear Matt’s story of love and support when first coming-out to his conservative family. Check out Jared on queer rappers, pop culture and his relationship with his Mom around gender. And hear from Agnes, a parent who has lessons that other parents, family members and other adults who have teens in their lives can learn from.

Video: At the Crossroads-Neurodivergence and Gender

An interview with psychotherapist Finn Gratton who has worked for more than a decade with children and families who experience issues around the gender and/or autism spectrums. Great information for parents, other therapists, or anyone interested in this convergence.

Gender Around the World: An Online Film Festival

Featuring the premiere of the Gender Spectrum film, “Understanding Gender: Narratives of Hijras in Bangladesh.”

Gender Spectrum is excited to offer this curated online film festival, featuring many streaming short and feature length films that portray a sampling of the many varieties of gender understandings from different cultures and communities. With thanks to Frameline, we are able to offer free streaming of two films from their catalogue, but only for a limited time, so don’t delay. The festival also includes other free Frameline films and free streaming of films from PBS, The Guardian, MTV and others. You will be amazed by the diversity of gender in this collection!

To launch the festival, we are proud to present the premiere of our groundbreaking short film, “Understanding Gender: Narratives of Hijras in Bangladesh.” With stunning Bangladeshi scenery as a backdrop, this touching, spirited film features members of the gender expansive Hijra community, telling the stories of their struggles and joys in their own words.

Enter here to watch this and all of the film festival offerings!

Dimensions of Gender: A Video Series by the Gender Spectrum Youth Council

In this three-video series, members of our Youth Council explore the three dimensions that made up everyone’s gender: your body, Gender expression and Gender identity. These young people share their deep and heartfelt notions of gender and how the concepts of body, expression and identity help them navigate their gender journeys. Click here to watch all three!

Learn the Basics with our “Gender Basics” Video!

Check out our Gender Basics video, with Gender Spectrum Executive Director Lisa Kenney and our Senior Director of Professional Development Joel Baum giving you more background on the Dimensions of gender.