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As families grapple with raising transgender or gender nonconforming children, one of the most unsettling aspects of the experience can be related to the legal issues they encounter. Already uncertain about many of the situations in which they find themselves, parents can become paralyzed when they must also take into account the various legal implications of their parenting choices. Whether trying to stop unfair treatment of their child at school, or having custody threatened by an unsupportive spouse or co-parent, parents facing legal questions rarely have the necessary knowledge to navigate this challenging terrain. As a result, they turn to attorneys and other legal professionals for support and guidance.

Unfortunately, most lawyers have had little or no experience handling cases involving the complex issues of gender and children. There are most likely few, if any resources available to support an attorney as they try to address their client’s needs. Even more challenging is to try and find resources that address the nuances such cases can present.

Gender Spectrum has proven an important resource for a variety of legal services providers. We offer a variety of ways to support attorneys, law firms, and other legal organizations in this complex area. To learn more about Gender Spectrum's work in the legal arena, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 510-567-3977.

Ways We Can Help

Consultations: when first faced with a client raising a gender nonconforming child, many attorneys find it helpful to consult with Gender Spectrum staff in order to develop a baseline understanding of the topic. This can include specific information such as terminology, gender development milestones, research, or types of gender variance; it can also serve to provide perspective about the various approaches parents and organizations have made elsewhere.

Expert testimony: Gender Spectrum staff can provide information about best practices and successful approaches for raising healthy gender variant children.

Training: as they encounter more families with gender variant kids, many attorneys and firms are choosing to proactively seek training and support to ensure they have a gender respectful office and staff. Gender Spectrum leads effective sessions that will breakdown misconceptions about these families while providing the language, skills and other resources to create a welcoming environment. Given the negative experience most families with gender nonconforming children have had with the legal system, a welcoming and sensitive office makes a tremendous difference to these (prospective) clients.

Professional Referrals: as you work with your clients, you may well seek the advice or expertise of specialists in the medical, mental health, or social services professions. Given our network of professionals with whom we have worked or trained, Gender Spectrum is well positioned to help you connect with the individuals or organizations who are best positioned to support you and your client.

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