Our Clients & Partners

“Gender Spectrum helps leaders to effectively meet the needs of the students in a smart and sensitive manner. With Gender Spectrum’s guidance, school leaders – regardless of their personal feelings or prior knowledge about gender – can see the importance of implementing policies and practices that enable every child to flourish.” Sasha Pudelski, Assistant Director, Policy & Advocacy, AASA, The School Superintendents Association

Gender Spectrum provides professional development and consultation to organizations, institutions and corporations who want to increase their understandings of gender. Each of these clients and partners are experts in their domain and community: together we consider the implications that evolving views of gender have for the important work they undertake and we look to identify ways to create more gender-inclusive places for all.

Below is a partial list of organizations that we’ve collaborated with over the past few years. Please note that while these organizations are public about the work they are doing, we believe strongly in maintaining the privacy of organizations interested in better understanding gender to meet their objectives. Gender Spectrum will not disclose a client relationship unless they have expressed permission for us to do so or have themselves done so publicly.

  • AASA- The School Superintendent’s Association
  • The Ackerman Institute, New York
  • ACLU
  • Advocates for Youth
  • American School Counselors Association
  • Anti-Defamation League
  • Arizona Association of School Psychologists
  • Association of Children’s Librarians (ACL) of Northern California
  • Association of Waldorf Schools North America
  • Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, Colorado
  • CALICO Center (Child Abuse, Listening, Interviewing, and Coordination) California
  • California Association of School Counselors
  • California Council of School Attorneys
  • California School Public Relations Association
  • California State PTA
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Clark County Schools, Nevada
  • COPRED- Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Education Development Center, Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Elon University, North Carolina
  • Equality Virginia
  • Girl Scouts USA
  • Glendale Unified School District, California
  • Glide Memorial Church
  • Guilford County Schools, North Carolina
  • GSAFE, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation
  • Kent ISD, Michigan
  • Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin
  • Massachusetts Safe Schools Program for LGBT Students, an initiative of the Massachusetts             Commission on LGBT Youth and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary          Education
  • Mid-America Family Treatment Center, Missouri
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Michigan School Public Relations Association
  • National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • National Association of School Psychologists
  • National School Business Officers Association
  • National School Public Relations Association
  • New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Graduate School of Education at Northeastern University-Boston, Massachusetts
  • Oregon School Public Relations Association
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Rosa Kompetanse- the national collaboration between the Norwegian Directorate for Health and        LLH, the Norwegian LGBT organization, Oslo, Norway
  • Richmond Friends School, Indiana
  • Rustic Pathways, Ohio
  • Saint Anselm College Continuing Nursing Education, New Hampshire
  • Stanford Medical School
  • Stonewall National Education Project
  • Teach for America
  • Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Trans-Youth Education and Support of Colorado
  • True Colors
  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • University of California, San Francisco
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • WAIC – The Western Association of Independent Camps

Our partners also include individual schools and school districts in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire,New Jersey,  New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington






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