Early Childhood Agencies and Programs

We work with early childhood educators and service providers at the city and county levels, as well as program supervisors for county and state. Gender identity and gender expression trainings assist you with navigating specific situations that can arise in family systems and/or group care settings. We work together with your program toward developing and meeting comprehensive, systemic goals to address the needs of your providers, families, and children. We address the challenges encountered by social workers, public health care workers, educators and other team and staff members while working with families to accept and embrace gender diversity. We help you to develop specific strategies for action and methods of evaluating the outcomes for children, and families.

All trainings include cross cultural view points, accessible ways to discuss the topic of gender nonconformity, and concrete responses to common questions and concerns. In depth training focusing on case studies is available as an extended initial training session or as a separate training.

For more information on transgender children, see Early Childhood Development – Your Options – How Do I Know If My Child Is Transgender?

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